Monday, August 23, 2010

Extreme Makeover, Home Edition

posted 02/12/08

Me: But clock radios are ugly. And they are a pain to dust because of the cord.

SH: It will be in our bedroom! Who cares what it looks like?

Me: I care! The bedroom should be an oasis of tranquility.

SH: So how does a clock radio mar that?

Me: You and I definitely don’t have the same design esthetic.

SH: Yeah, my bedroom is decorated in early bachelor right now.

Me: Exactly.

SH: I suppose that once we are married, I can get rid of the piles of coins on my nightstand.

Me: And the Beavis and Butthead driver’s license.

SH: Maybe.

Me: And the article about the baseball exhibit at the Milwaukee Historical Society that you cut out from the paper last spring.

SH: I suppose that can go.

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