Monday, August 23, 2010

I hope I haven't used my karma quotient

posted 02/08/08

I have a contract on my house for the asking price. These two guys bid against each other. My guess is that neither of them has ever bought anything on eBay -- they did not understand the concept of competitive bidding. As in, they each bid the asking price. Hello??? At least do the asking price plus one dollar. No strategic thinking.

But if everything goes well with the inspection (it should -- these old houses are built well, unlike the crap they put up now), I will have a check in my hand on March 20. I will have nowhere to put my furniture, clothes and dishes, but I will have money. I cannot imagine SH and I would find and close on a Milwaukee house before March 20, especially as we do not plan to be in Milwaukee again until the beginning of March, but this is a good problem to have.

The agent had mentioned to the buyer that my house has no dishwasher and was he aware of that? The buyer said that he is an old hippie and doesn't think dishwashers are environmentally responsible. What did I tell you?

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