Tuesday, August 24, 2010

If only we had ice skates

posted 02/12/08

Maybe Serious Honey (soon to be Mr Class Factotum) and I should just do this for our wedding:

Singles Night, Mass Wedding ::

Date: Thursday February 14, 2008

The RiverKings will host a mass wedding on the ice at the DeSoto Civic Center following the conclusion of their game against the Odessa Jackalopes on Thursday, Feb. 14. Couples should contact the office at (662) 342-1755 to get a space on the ice.

It would keep me from having to do anything other than show up, which would be great, as right now, I am more concerned with getting my house packed and moved, selling my car, and finding a house in Milwaukee and moving into it than I am with planning a wedding.

And it sounds so elegant.

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