Thursday, August 26, 2010

In the same way that a boy doll is an "action figure"

posted 02/16/08

Me: What are you looking at?

Serious Honey: Wheels.

Me: For what?

SH: For my car. Look! You can see what the wheels would look like on the car. I can even do it in the right color. Here’s a red Passat with the wheels I like.

Me: Oh. How much does something like that cost?

SH: These are on sale. They’re about $80 each.

Me: That’s almost $400!

SH: Some of them cost $500 apiece. That’s why I’m thinking of getting these while they’re such a good price.

Me: Don’t you already have wheels on your car?

SH: [Some long, complicated car guy explanation of factory-installed steel with wheel covers vs. decorative aluminum wheels that are beneath the springs and improve handling and mileage. But the main thing is appearance.]

Me: So you want them because they’re pretty?

SH: Because they make my car look better.

Me: And this is something you can just switch out with the wheels you already have.

SH: Yes.

Me: You already have wheels that work perfectly well but you want pretty ones.

SH: [deep, patient sigh]

Me: So it’s jewelry for your car.

SH: It’s not jewelry for my car! It’s really hard to change them out.

Me: So it’s like a purse for your car.

SH: Maybe.

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