Thursday, August 19, 2010

Maybe I won't need that St Joseph statue

posted 02/06/08

I had about 16 hours’ notice that someone wanted to see my house tomorrow, so thought maybe I would finish repairing the door (patch big hole where the four screws ripped out the wood with plastic wood – I said “wood,” sand, paint the patch, paint entire door frame because the paint I have doesn’t match frame color, drill holes in new place for anchor because it won’t work to put screws in plastic wood, insert screws, find shorter screws, attach hydraulic device to anchor, attach anchor to door, stretching it a bit because the rod got bent), give a quick vacuum and clean the bathroom. While I was doing that, the realty called again – someone else wanted to see it at 5:30.

It was 5:25 when they called. I didn’t answer because I was vacuuming and didn’t hear the phone.

At 5:30, the realtor knocks on my door. At least she was alone, so I could finish the cleaning, empty the trash, put the vacuum cleaner back into the attic, sweep the kitchen floor, put my shoes and slippers in the closet, hide the bathroom rug, and rinse the kitchen sink before her client arrived.

Then I went to Walgreen’s to kill time by reading People magazine (does that count as gossiping?) and looking at the chocolate I will be avoiding for the next six weeks. This lady better buy the house. There’s not that much I can do to kill time unless I want to eat and all the fun options are off the table for now.

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