Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Old time religion

posted 02/04/08

At the bargain table at Easy Way:

Oh honey, I eat garlic on everythang. Um hmm. Everythang. I eat it in my oatmeal.

You gots to get off those medicines, otherwise you get addicted. Know what I use? I use vinegar. That take the blood down. But not too much, or you dry you blood.

I don’t eat poke. Mm mm. The Lord say don’t eat that swahn. He say don’t eat poke or rats. That what it say in the Bible. It get into you brain and make you mad. It ruin you spirit.

Beef, either. You know how they got them mad cows, don’t you? Because they don’t feed them wheat or whatever cows eat. They feeding them other cows. They eating they own flesh and they mad about it.

Jesus say don’t eat poke. He say, “If you eat poke, don’t complain to me because I done tole you not to eat it.”

Know what I eat? I eat turkey. But not the legs. Um um. The legs is where they parasites. I only eat the white meat.

Give me a hug, honey! Halleluiah!

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