Thursday, August 19, 2010

Super Tuesday

posted 02/05/08

1. Experimenting with a new hair color and cut (my sister told me what style to get and she was right)
2. Repairing the front door where the wind blew the screen door so hard that it broke the screws holding the door-closing device to the frame
3. Putting a strike plate on the frame so I can latch the screen door. If I had done this four days ago (or six years ago, when the latch first became a problem), # 2 would not have been necessary.
4. Trying to make the back yard look as good as it is possible for a yard with almost no grass to look
5. Forcing myself to sit in the basement while the tornado sirens wailed
6. Eating M&Ms in anticipation of six weeks of chocolate deprivation.
7. Gossiping in anticipation of six weeks of gossip deprivation.

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