Sunday, August 22, 2010

This is a man

posted 02/07/08

I tell Serious Honey (soon to be Mr Class Factotum, but we’ll vote on that) that chest hair is manly and many a smooth-chested guy would love to have some hair on his chest. Not that there’s anything wrong with being naturally hairless – you got to be who God makes you, which is why I put up with having almost no bosom, which works because SH is a leg and butt man anyhow – but to get your chest waxed? That’s just ridiculous. Who says, “That’ll take hair off your chest!”

No. The saying is, “That will put hair on your chest.” This phrase is usually associated with manly activities, such as drinking straight coffee, eating raw steak or burnt toast, and jumping into ice-cold water on New Year’s Day. Me, I am not interested in doing any of these things, but I am also not interested in having hair on my chest.

SH thinks he has too much hair on his chest.

I disagree. And I point to Exhibit A, one of the most sexy men in the world, who has just allegedly insured his chest hair for seven million dollars:

67-year-old hunk of burning love, Tom Jones, has reportedly insured his chest hair for around $7 million. Tom approached Lloyd's of London and asked them if they would insure his chest hair and they agreed.

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