Saturday, August 7, 2010

Too left for Democratic Chicago

posted 01/02/08

We’re driving through Chicago and see a billboard for 820 am! Progressive talk radio! SH immediately tunes to it.

SH: There’s nothing there! Where is it?

Me: I’m so surprised that there’s not a market for a whiney leftist east coast woman like Randi Rhoades in Chicago.

SH [rolls eyes and continues to tune]: Hey – what’s this?

...the theology of the body...

Me: It must be a Catholic station.

SH: How do you know?

Me: Catholic ESP.

...Relevant Radio, from the Diocese of Chicago...

Me: Told you.

SH: How can there be an entire radio station for Catholics in Chicago but no progressive radio?

Me [after long, slow consideration, thinking that this close to home, I don’t really want to have a political argument]: I have no idea.

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