Sunday, August 15, 2010

While the cat's away

posted 01/26/08

My schedule when SH is chez Class Factotum:

Get up
Make bed
Have a healthful breakfast
Go to boot camp or go “running”
Do errands: library, grocery store, Home Depot, charity drop
Do chores so SH won’t think I sit around the house and do nothing all day but watch TV (on my computer), knit and eat bon bons: rake leaves, do laundry, clean bathroom, call Exxon to get my 75 cents refunded because the air machine gave me air for only two tires, wash dishes, put away clothes
Take a shower so SH won’t be repelled by my stinky body and greasy, matted hair
Make a healthful, balanced lunch: a meat, a starch and a veg
Eat lunch with SH
Do more chores
Make a healthful supper: meat, starch, veg
Make a dessert because hey, SH will eat it and then I can eat off his plate, which means it doesn’t count for me
Eat supper with SH
Fellowship with SH: work on a jigsaw puzzle or watch a movie
Go to bed around 11, because SH is a night owl

My schedule when I am alone.

Get up
Eat something for breakfast
Goof off on the computer
Realize I am going to be late for boot camp if I don’t get my lazy butt out of the door right now
Maybe stop at the library on the way home. For sure stop someplace where I can get food.
Goof off on the computer, including looking at shoes at, reading the local paper, reading the Milwaukee paper, My Big Fat Cuban Family, Maggie’s Farm, Ann Althouse, the Happy Catholic, Manolo’s Shoes and all the associated sites (Manolo for the Big Girl, Manolo for the Brides, Teeny Manolo - all hilarious), and the Pioneer Woman
Eat an apple and peanut butter (lots of peanut butter) for lunch
Goof off on the computer some more, sending lots of email to SH and wondering why he isn't writing to me. What's his excuse? Work?
Do not take a shower – so I’m sweaty and my hair is nasty. So what?
Watch "Ugly Betty" and "Samantha Who?" online. America Ferrara is adorable even if her politics are not right.
Have a snack. Another apple and PB? No. What’s in the freezer? What about the chocolate drawer?
Get impatient that my People magazine has not arrived.
Have another snack. Cheese and crackers. Yum.
Realize it’s maybe sort of supper time. Look in fridge and hope for miracle. Eat some butternut squash that I got from the bargain counter at Easy Way. Eat the last Hit cookie. Eat a little bit of the chocolate bar that Leigh gave me in my Christmas stocking. Eat the liver from the giblets I threw into the chicken stock I am making with the bones and skin from the chicken for the Caldo Xochitl (Mexican Chicken Soup) I am making. Eat handfuls of Szechuan rice crackers while I read food blogs.
Read in bed.
Go to bed at 8:00 because I am a nine-hourer (maybe a 12-hourer)

Doesn't everyone have a chocolate drawer?

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