Sunday, September 5, 2010

There's no basement at the Alamo

posted 03/26/08

Me: You’re not supposed to say that stupid Billy Crystal “pepper” thing any more.

Serious Honey: But you’ve been chewing gum around me. I thought the deal was off.

Me: I haven’t been chewing gum in front of you in your space.

SH: Yes, you have. You were chewing it at your house when we were packing.

Me: I was chewing it in my room. I didn’t chew it in the kitchen where you were working.

SH: You’ve been chewing it here.

Me: Yeah, in the dining room when I’m at the computer. But I don’t go into your office and chew it in front of you.

SH: I could be in the dining room.

Me: But the dining room is my space when you’re working.

SH: It’s my space.

Me: It can’t be. I don’t chew in your space. I don’t chew in your office even if you’re not there because it has the potential to be your space. But the dining room is my space. You enter at your own risk.

SH: My space is the car if I’m in the car, the whole apartment if I’m in the apartment, but not the whole world if I’m in the world.

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