Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We are all Joads now

posted 03/17/08

We need to find a house and fast. My wonderful Serious Honey spent most of Saturday and Sunday clearing out boxes from his office. He has a lot of stuff he brought with him five years ago that he hasn't opened since. He also has been saving boxes, knowing we would be moving. But on Saturday, we will be putting all of my possessions either into the apartment or into the storage space where he has his old car.

We took a huge pile of stuff to the Goodwill yesterday after we looked at about seven open houses (and drove past four others -- I should know by now that "convenient to shopping" means "backs up to the mall"). It's a buyers' market as long as you don't mind tacky, trashy houses that have had awful renovations with the cheap materials from Home Depot. (People! Get the high-end HD cabinets and bathroom fixtures! My sister and Ilene did and their bathrooms look great.) As in, we are still looking.

We also threw out a bunch of stuff and there is more to go. Anyone have any ideas about what to do with SH's college textbooks? I checked the online textbook donation places and they don't want 25-year-old texts, but honestly, has freshman physics and caculus changed that much?

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