Monday, September 27, 2010

Why Sears is going down

posted 06/07/08

Because they said our Scratched and Dented washer and dryer would be delivered between 4:45 and 6:45.

Because the grouchy guy gave SH a “courtesy call” to tell him that the delivery guys were running late and they wouldn’t be at the house until 7:30 to 7:45.

Because I called India at 8:01 and the confused and heavily accented young woman told me I was being number 16 on the list, that the delivery guys were making delivery 14, that they were being somewhere in “Milwaukee City,” that no, she could not be making me delivery 15, no, she could not be refunding our delivery charges, and no, she would not let me be speaking to a supervisor.

Because I called the Scratch and Dent place and the manager, who promised to refund the delivery charge, could not reach the delivery office people and find out what was going on. They’d all gone home for the day.

Because the washer and dryer did not arrive until 8:40. That’s p.m. P.M. After I’d been at the house since 11, after two classes at the Y, moving boxes from the garage into the house all day, in about 110% humidity, with no shower.

Because when I went online later, I could not find a single email address or phone number for a Sears executive.

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