Thursday, September 30, 2010

You have to say the number

posted 06/05/08

Me: Hello?

Alex: Ms Factotum, this is Alex from JPMorgan. Would you please confirm for this recorded phone call your old address?

Me: I sent you a letter asking you to change my address.

Alex: Yes, but I need to confirm it on this recorded call.

Me: You realize there are many companies that let me do this online.

Alex: I understand. But I need you to confirm your old address and birthday.

Me: My old address is 123 Main.

Alex: I need the full address.

Me: Oh good grief. My old address is blah blah blah. My new address is blah blah blah.

Alex: I don’t need the new address, but I do need your birthday.

Me: For pete’s sake. 10/19/63.

Alex: I’ll be sending you a form to complete verifying your old and your new address.

Me: You mean my letter and a recorded phone call are not enough?

Alex: I need to send you the form.

Me: That’s fine. I have a pension with a paper company. Y’all just keep using paper. It’s more money for me.

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