Friday, October 1, 2010

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posted 06/08/08

I seem unable to get my lazy butt off the couch today, where I have fallen sway to my new guilty pleasure, the Denise Richards reality show (did she really give all those shoes, including her Jimmy Choos, to Goodwill rather than stop cussing? Say it ain’t so, Denise!), so I am going to give youse something to think about that Dr J sent to me. This falls under med school nerd humor, as the Bodacious Red-headed Pediatrician would classify it. She liked the story of Dr J calling me to tell me that my Anatomy of a Sleepless Night was really the Patho-Physiology (or whatever) of a Sleepless Night, so she’ll probably appreciate this.

Dr J wrote and asked me why we use the word “asshole” to demean someone when really, it is an anatomical structure that serves most people faithfully and well. He questions the justice and fairness of using that word pejoratively and suggests “quidnunc” instead, which I had to look up.


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