Thursday, October 7, 2010

Building an ark

posted 06/14/08

It’s been a busy week up here in the Brew City and the surrounding areas. More rain than ever before, I guess. Manhole covers popping out of the streets and destroying SUVs. Flooded basements. Lakes disappearing. Houses getting washed away. Sewer pipes getting overwhelmed.

The good news for SH and me in all of this is that we didn’t like the carpet in our basement rec room to begin with (the finished part of the basement is about 300 square feet), that we hadn’t moved his sofa, stereo and TV into the rec room yet, and that our insurance, unlike many others, covers basement drain backups. (In the future, I am all in favor of the City of Milwaukee letting that untreated sewage run into the lake rather than letting it back up into peoples’ basements. Just saying.)

The other good news is that our contractor/general handyman guy, whose name I am not going to tell you because I want him available to work only for us, was at the house on Monday anyhow to meet me about the shoeing on the second-storey floors. He pulled the wet carpet out of the basement that afternoon so I didn’t have to smell it rotting down there the rest of the week.

The other other good news is that despite the inspection report telling us we needed to put fill dirt in the backyard and that we needed to replace the concrete divoting between the driveway and house with foam rope covered with a silicone sealer to prevent water getting into the basement, the basement walls stayed dry, so maybe those are not high-priority projects. (A sump pump, however, is.)

As is getting replacement carpet, which really, is not such a bad thing. When I called Lindley to tell her our basement carpet had been ruined, she chirped, “Now you get to get new carpet!” And she’s right. There’s a lot to be said for hotel-dull oatmeal carpet, like, it doesn’t matter if kids spill kool-aide on it because it’s already so ugly that making it uglier doesn’t matter so that’s where we would send our friends’ kids when they come to visit. Perfect.

But we’re going to live in the fast lane now that we’ll be getting that Big Insurance Check. In the House That Was All Wrong For Us, the basement had a fun, cheery red plaid carpet that was perfect with the paneled walls – a ‘50s retro look that went great with the beer stein collection displayed on one wall. This is an opportunity to put that red plaid carpet in our basement.

It is also an opportunity to rescue the wood stairs to the basement, which had been covered with the hotel-oatmeal carpet. It should be illegal to cover hardwood floors and stairs. I don’t know why any carpet installer with a conscience would do so, except I suppose they have bills to pay like anyone else. Still, I hope it makes them just a little bit sick to their stomachs.

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