Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Find the top B----- and kick her a@@

posted 06/27/08

Lucy (not Rachel, WHO WORKS IN A PRISON): I was a corrections officer for a while.

Me: What was that like?

Lucy, WHO WORKED IN A PRISON: It was OK until they started bringing the women in.

Me: Why?

Lucy, WWIAP: They fought more and when they fought, they were more vicious and they fought longer. And there was a lot more homosexual activity among the women. If one of them went to the showers, they all went to the showers.

Me: Wow. More homosexual stuff than with the men?

Lucy, WWIAP: Uh-huh. We called it Gay for the Stay.

Me: Kind of like Lesbian Until Graduation?

Lucy, WWIAP: Yeah. I guess prison is a lot like college.

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