Sunday, October 10, 2010

How to buy a carpet

posted 06/20/08

Monday June 9
Go to Carpet Distributor #1
Me: Do you have any red plaid carpet?
CD#1: Yes – here it is. Made by only one manufacturer.
Me: How much does it cost? Is it in stock?
CD#1: Let me call. Oh. They stopped making this style two years ago. Let me call the rep. There’s a new style. He’ll send a sample.

Tuesday June 17 [8 days later]
Me: Has the sample arrived yet?
CD#1: No.

Get on the internet. Find other distributors of same manufacturer. Call to see if any of them have a sample. I just want to see the darn carpet. Am I asking too much? No one has a sample.

Carpet Distributor #2: I can ask my rep to get one.
Me: I’ve already asked CD #1 to order one for me.
CD#2: You know, we beat their prices by 40% most of the time.
Me: Keep talking.

Email the manufacturer. Is the carpet in stock? What is the lead time to get it?
Mfr: Scottish Plaid color 03800 [kinda brown] would be the closest to red. In order to check stock and to get the time frame for shipping you need to contact our customer service order desk at 800-shaw-usa- option 2. If you are not a shaw dealer then you will have to order through a local dealer. You can visit to find the retailer nearest you. thanks.
Me: [Then why do you have a red version on the website?]

Wednesday June 18
Me [Call manufacturer]: Why do you have the red version on the website if you don’t have it in stock?
Mfr: We have the red.
Me: Great. What’s the lead time? I have a naked basement floor and nowhere to put the rec room furniture.
Mfr: I can’t tell you. You have to ask a distributor.

Thursday June 19
Call CD#2 again. He’ll have the sample by Monday. I mean, how hard is it to get a 5” square of carpet to someone in two days? It’s nice to be working with someone who appears to be interested in doing business with me.

Friday June 20
Discover that the basement doors are warped from the flooding. Good grief.

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