Thursday, October 7, 2010

Quelle dilemma

posted 06/14/08

This is what I get for trying to be smart. I have been taking small things to the house in the car – things I don’t want to pack in boxes well enough that they could be thrown around by a couple of guys who think they should be paid more than $10/hour. I have taken clothes, bags of groceries, CDs, toiletries.

Bags of groceries: Boxes of cornstarch. Two boxes of nutmeg. Four – yes, four – boxes of baking powder. SH and I are merging kitchens, but even that is no excuse for four boxes of baking powder. I can’t explain that one, so I won’t try. The extras will go in the Goodwill bag, although I don’t know if there is much of a charity market for used/extra baking powder.

In any case. It’s all over at the house.

I am making peach cobbler over here.

I read the recipe enough to realize I needed the cornstarch and nutmeg, so I borrowed some from the neighbors.

Then I read the rest of the recipe.

No baking powder.

There is baking soda here, in the fridge. Yes, it’s the fridge soda, but I would rather use fridge soda than go back and say, “Oh, now could I borrow your baking powder? Cause really, I am so incompetent that I didn’t read the recipe all the way to the bottom so now I have to make a second trip here.”

But guess what? You can substitute baking powder for baking soda, but you can’t substitute baking soda for baking powder.

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