Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Saturday at the park

posted 06/28/08

Busy days. SH is wonderful, setting up the stereo, installing a clothesline for me (a longtime dream, along with my engagement trash can – I am a woman of simple needs and wants), repairing the guest room bed. He’s a keeper.

We also had to go to Summerfest yesterday. We got there early enough to get free wristbands to see the headlining bend, Rush (motto: We don’t play any music unless it’s in a minor key), which was kind of fun (we got a free high, if you know what I mean), although if I’d actually paid to see them perform, I would have been ticked off that they didn’t start on time. Yes, I know all about musician time, but honestly. Be professional. Start on time. Marcia Ball started at 10:00 on the dot. And we liked her music a lot better. Still, for eight dollars apiece (and free parking, thanks to Serious Honey’s sharp eyes), I really can’t complain about a late start to a concert.

SH won free tickets from a radio station to tonight’s headliner, John Mellencamp, whom everyone persists in calling just “Mellencamp,” which annoys me to no end, because really, how much harder is it to add that one extra syllable? Say the entire name, darnit. It’s not that complicated.

Anyhow, I don’t care about seeing John Mellencamp so much. I’m kind of over his music, but Lucinda Williams is opening for him and I really like her. And again, we’re getting in for free (not even having to pay Summerfest admission), so if we get tired of listening to his show, we can leave and find something we like better.

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