Saturday, October 9, 2010

When I am in charge, it will be illegal

posted 06/18/08

1. To install carpet over hardwood floors
1a. To install cheap, ugly carpet over hardwood floors
1b. To pay almost as much to install cheap, ugly carpet as it would have cost to refinish the floors
2. To paint without removing switchplates first
3. To punch a hole in the wall for a new outlet and not patch the plaster before putting on the new plate
4. To paint the walls but not to paint the trim
5. To take the shower curtain rod (not the kind that is mounted to the wall but the kind that stays up with pressure) with you when you move out of a house
6. To take the dryer vent hose with you when you move out of a house, especially if you have adapted said hose to the egress, which is not the standard size on which 4” hoses fit but only 3”, which requires a special adapter available only at heating supply stores. Wholesale.
7. To install kitchen cabinets 30” high with no shelves. Three of them. Most cooking equipment is just not that tall.

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