Friday, October 29, 2010

Will the trash police get me?

posted 07/13/08

I just noticed this as I slathered Vaseline onto my washerwoman hands made dry and nasty from 1) sanding and chipping stairs, 2) scrubbing the shelves from Goodwill with a Brillo pad because some idiot decided it would be a good idea to stain shelves that were already painted -- here's a news tip that even I, a non-paint professional know, which is that STAIN DOES NOT WORK ON PAINT! IT JUST MAKES IT LOOK DIRTY! -- the kind of dirty you get if you leave blue shelves in a room full of chain smokers for 40 years, and 3) calibrating the darn Kenmore, a SEARS brand, oven, which seems to think that 350 degrees means 420, no 390, no 375, no 337, no 325. OK calibrating an oven isn't that hard on your hands, but I didn't have a good number 3 otherwise.

Anyhow. What I noticed is that my Vaseline -- oops, actually, my Walgreen's Shea butter petroleum jelly skin protectant -- has an expiration date on it.

What can go bad with petroleum jelly? Does it get moldy? Does it rot? Does it no longer perform the responsibilities of petroleum jelly? Am I supposed to throw the jar out at 16:01 on 02/09 and replace it with a new one? Will bad things happen to me if I don’t?

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