Friday, November 5, 2010

SH's Transformers ladder

posted 07/24/08

SH: You can’t put the sealant on the balcony with that ladder.

Me: Yes I can.

SH: No. It’s not tall enough. We need a higher ladder. Look at this one.

Me: What is that?

SH: You can change it to what you need – stepladder, extension ladder.

Me: But we have a stepladder. And Bruce is getting us an extension ladder.

SH: But it changes shapes!

Me: We don’t need that.

SH: It folds up so it doesn’t need to be stored in the garage.

Me: Why would we care that we have to put a ladder in the garage? Isn’t that where you keep a ladder? And we don’t need the sawhorse function. When’s the last time you needed a sawhorse?

SH: Never.

Me: When’s the next time you anticipate needing one?

SH: Never.

Me: So if we have a stepladder and an extension ladder and all we really need is a taller stepladder, why would we spend $150 on this fancy ladder?

SH: But it’s cool!

Me: You want it just because it has all these gadgets on it.

SH: So?

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