Saturday, January 8, 2011

Espain 3

posted 10/23/08

SH and I left Milwaukee on Monday. He is burning FF miles, so got business class tickets from O'Hare to Madrid. Let me tell youse something, business class is the way to go, unless you can fly first class. I would have to have a lot of money before I would ever pay for either of those, but I'll sure take it for free.

We stopped over in Frankfurt for two hours and got to use the Lufthansa lounge, where they had a huge spread for breakfast. I kept walking past the buffet and casually snagging those little packs of Nutella. I think I have a dozen now. They also had pretzels, rolls, yogurt with garlic and dill (no cucumber or it would have been tzatziki), regular yogurt, sausage, those Japanese rice crackers, coffee and beer. I sampled a little bit of everything except the beer, but hey, we live in Milwaukee and it's not like I can't get it there.

We arrived in Madrid early afternoon and decided to brave the Metro to get to our hotel, even though it was a nightmare last time we took it -- very crowded and lots and lots of stairs. But there is a bus to the center of town and from there we could take the Metro only a few stops to the Plaza del Sol, our destination. At the bus/Metro interchange, I asked a lady where to find the Metro and if it was safe because I had heard there were Roving Gangs of Youths with Knives. Only instead of asking if it was safe, I apparently asked if she was sure ("esta seguro?" vs "es seguro," for those who habla espanol) and she was a little bit insulted that I questioned her knowledge.

We arrived unmolested but exhausted because we have three suitcases, SH's computer bag and a small backpack. We had to pack for two climates and we are hauling goodies for our wonderful hosts in Morocco. SH was the star, carrying two of the suitcases and his computer bag up and down the Metro stairs (we had to change trains once). Spain is not current with ADA compliance. I carried just the one suitcase and the backpack, but I was doing it in high heels. Note to self: never, never again wear the black boots on a trip, even if they are the best option to go with the new red dress from Talbot's. (Yes! I paid retail! Do you know how hard it is to find a red knit wrap dress used? Well, it's very hard.)

We made a beeline for the churro place after unloading our stuff. Got ham. Got cheese. Got bread. Ate. Went to bed. Got up and tried to find coffee. Asked Adoracion where to find mocha and she told us Starbucks. I won't apologize for Starbucks. I won't apologize for McDonald's. I won't apologize for our politics. But I will apologize for something I saw promoted all over the Metro: High School Musical 3. Sorry, Spain. Many Americans find it annoying, too.

More later. SH has just repacked everything (he is amazing) so we can leave a suitcase here when we go to Morocco tomorrow and wants to do his email. When I have more time, I'll tell you what happens when you don't use an elbow joint in your sewer/bathroom plumbing, even in a one-star hotel with TV and alleged internet. ("Yes, we have internet on every floor. But you know, a lot of people just like to work in the lobby." You think? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you DON'T have internet in every room.) Hasta luego.

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