Monday, January 3, 2011

A life tragically cut short by smoking

posted 10/11/08

Our friend Bruce, who brought us a snowblower as a wedding present:

My grandfather started every morning with a six-pack of Schlitz. Then he began about a two or three mile walk. He would drink two of the beers on the walk. Two-thirds of the way through, he stopped at his friend’s house, Kinney, and they would each have one of the beers and just talk for about an hour. Then he’d complete his walk. By the time he got home, he would have completed the last two beers.

Then he sat down for breakfast, which consisted of bacon, eggs and grits swimming in butter. Lots of salt and pepper.

Then he went out to the front porch to smoke.

He was 91 when he died. The week before he died, he was still walking that same path. He was diagnosed with lung cancer, but he died of a heart attack.

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