Monday, January 3, 2011

The mean wife

posted 10/13/08

Part 1

SH: What did you do with my drill bits?

Me: I thought I put them someplace logical.

SH: I left them on top of that box in the basement and now they're not there.

Me: After I used them, I could have sworn I put them someplace that made sense. They were in the way on that box.

SH: That's the problem. You put things away and I can't find them. I leave them out so they are easy to find.

Days later.

SH: I found my drill bits.

Me: Where were they?

SH: In my toolbox.

Part 2

SH, tearing through his vitamins and such that he keeps in the upstairs bathroom by his office: What did you do with my melatonin when you packed the apartment?

Me: I thought I put all your drugs in the same bin.

SH: What bin?

Me: The one beneath the bathroom sink down here.

SH: You and your bins. I can't find anything. [Tromps downstairs, grumping]

SH: Oh. Here it is. In the drug bin under the sink.

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