Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Morocco 4, Random

posted 10/29/08

Things I have lost in the past four days:

1. My hat, as we got off the local bus from Safi to Essaouira. This would be the bus that allegedly leaves Safi at 3:30 but doesn't really leave until 4:05 because the bus was not full at 3:30. We killed the time from scheduled to actual departure with various salespeople and beggars who walked the aisle of the bus seeking cash. I don't know what one guy was selling, but he got very indignant when I took a photo of him doing it and gave me the Latin American finger wave and glared at SH, wondering why he wasn't keeping his woman in line.

2. My earplugs, at the hotel in Ouilidia, where we went with Steve, Megan, Henry and Norah. These kids are adorable and a ton of fun. Henry talks a mile a minute, covering a range of subjects, "Watch me climb this. Watch me. Watch now! Do you know that girls can't climb like this? Guess what my teacher said yesterday. I have her phone number. Should we call my teacher? These shoes are for playing, but they are also for soccer and hockey. I like dinousaurs."

3. My hair tie, of which I have dozens at home but only one on this trip. How dumb was that?

Things vendors have said to me:

1. "Where you from? United States? Chicago? Obama! Yes we can!"

2. At the food market in Marrakesh: "It's brains, it's tongues, it's sheeps head. Very nice."

3. Our shoeshine guy: "I smoke hash." Me: "Pardon?" SG: "I smoke hash." Me: "Um. OK."

4. When we ignored a guy trying to get us to eat at his food stand (we have learned you can't even engage -- you just have to ignore them -- there is a reason that 94% of tourists to Marrakesh surveyed said they would never return): "Shit." When I turned to look at him, he glared at me and said, "F--- you." Sore loser, that guy.

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