Saturday, February 5, 2011

He doesn't appreciate great literature

posted 11/18/08

Me: I was really worried about getting a ticket this afternoon [when I went to the tech school to get a $12 pedicure].

SH: Did you get one?

Me: Let me tell you the story. So I couldn’t find parking and finally did, but it was blocks from the school. I used all my coins and got an hour and a half on the meter, then used my last dime for the guy next to me who had run out. I thought 90 minutes would be enough.

SH: Did you get a ticket?

Me: Let me tell you the story! So I finally found the place – they had changed rooms from what they said on the website. The girl who gave me the pedicure was really sweet but she took a long time because you know they have to do everything on the list and she kept checking her list. I finally told her that I needed to leave by 3:00 so I wouldn’t run out the meter, so she started to hurry. Then she said that she might not be able to do the massage and I said OK because I don’t like that part anyhow. I had brought my flip flops because I was going to wear them back to the car, but it was so cold there by the lake and then it started snowing, so then I thought I would just sit there and read my book for a while so my toes could dry, but by the time she finished, I really had to go, so I put on the flip flops anyhow and ran back to the car.

SH: Did you get a ticket?

Me: No! I got back with four minutes to spare! And the parking guy was right there! Can you believe it?

SH: You made me go through all of that just to find out you didn’t get a ticket?

Me: Well, it's not a story if I say, "I was worried I would get a ticket, but then I didn't." That's just dull.


  1. Thanks for looking so far back to find this story and put a link in your comment! I had forgotten it, but it is exactly what I was talking about.

  2. You're welcome. You'd think someone who could be riveted by nine innings of a baseball game would want the whole story, but no.